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This raw cold life is a beautiful thing. —Mos Def

My name is Shaun and I make paintings, drawings, and poems. My art is a reaction (one of many) to the countless and varied inspirations I encounter. This is an informal collection of such things, too scattered and far-reaching to be condensed into a single label.

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  1. SLAM ONLINE | » The Real Mr. West

    Says Delonte: “Parents come to me and say, ‘Thank you. My son’s bipolar and nobody understands him, and it just means so much for you to speak on it.’ I hear that so much from people, it’s unreal.”

  2. West deals with bipolar disorder, gets back on track - NBA - Basketball

    If he does everything right, the legal system will leave him alone. But with depression, there is no such timetable — no such penance. It doesn’t go away; it just loosens its grip from time to time.

    Delonte has been one of my favorite players since he came into the League. It’s inspiring to see him overcome such adversity. I appreciate the way he’s opened up over the years about his condition and been willing to discuss it, especially in a society that seems to often devalue the amount of strength and perseverance it takes to deal with mental problems

  3. Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski: West believed Wafer was responsible for published anonymous quote saying it was "obvious" when West hadn't taken his medicine, source says.

    Von Wafer needs to get the fuck out of Boston. People already seem to be assuming the fight between him and Delonte is Delonte’s fault because he’s “crazy”, but what about the asshole who is mocking a serious condition Delonte suffers from? He got what he deserved. Wafer’s the guy who’s so insecure and petty that he had to make a Twitter post in response to an article mentioning him getting torched by Delonte in practice. Maybe there would be more empathy for Delonte if he was dealing with a physical issue, but it often seems like society views mental “diseases” (I don’t know if that’s politically correct) as less serious or even voluntary states where the victim has the power to just “get over it”.

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