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This raw cold life is a beautiful thing. —Mos Def

My name is Shaun and I make paintings, drawings, and poems. My art is a reaction (one of many) to the countless and varied inspirations I encounter. This is an informal collection of such things, too scattered and far-reaching to be condensed into a single label.

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  1. Pusha T Talks Collaborating with Future for “Pain,” Untitled Debut Album and Ric Flair | XXL

    I don’t ever think that lyric driven hip-hop go out of style. I don’t care what trends are going on that never goes out of style. So it’s like, in regard once you infuse that in whatever it is that you’re doing, I don’t think you could lose man.

  2. Mikkey Halsted - Momma in My Ear (feat. Pusha T) (prod. Young Chop)

    one of the many dope tracks off Mikkey’s new tape Castro

  3. Spoken word artist Lemon Andersen comes to terms with his dark past (video)


    The Tony Award winner is the subject of the new documentary film, Lemon.


    Life hasn’t always been roses for Lemon Andersen

    The three-time felon turned award-winning performer has had to fight personal demons for years, and a chunk of it has been turned into a new documentary film.

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    I can’t wait to see this. Lemon’s been one of my favorite artists of any type since whenever that was Def Poetry came out. Dude’s said some of the realest shit I’ve ever heard.

    (Source: thisisfusion)

  4. Freeway Ricky Ross Response To Rick Ross: Funk Flex Interview With Open Letter |

    To have a man tattoo my name on his hands, and then not acknowledge why he did it is a disrespect to me, all my cell mates in for unfairly long crack sentences and the black community that was affected by the cocaine epidemic and Iran Contra Scandal. To have music labels profiteer by pushing the image of the dangerous black criminal is irresponsible.

  5. Gambino brought out a couple gods for this one…
click cover for download Gambino brought out a couple gods for this one…
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    High Resolution

    Gambino brought out a couple gods for this one…

    click cover for download


  6. Shit, Weezy don’t want it with Ziploc P. I love some beef, but the talent levels here aren’t close.

  7. Nneka - Melroze Magazine

    I do the music in the first place without my mind. I’m not very rational about it. I feel that the fact that I gained the inspiration in the dark, I use music as a sort of tube, a transmitter, kind of like a transition, a possibility for darkness to become light.

  8. Marlins' Ozzie Guillen apologizes over Castro flap -

    I was trying to watch Sportscenter, but I changed the channel because I was sick of all the anti-Castro propaganda. None of these mainstream outlets are even providing any background on what supposedly makes Castro so bad.

    All that matters is that this is America and we hate him. The ESPN anchor referred to Cuba as the island Castro “took over” more than fifty years ago. “Freed it from a brutal dictator” would’ve been a better choice of words, but that’s just me. I know it hasn’t been all good since the Revolution, but the portrayal is ridiculously one-sided. It’s a real petty look for the US.

    What if a 1950’s manager had made favorable comments about Batista? You know he wouldn’t be getting suspended. You can be responsible for as much brutality as you want as long as you stay Washington’s dog.

    This shit is all so obvious. Why do people keep buying it? Just bring out Tech so he can “run through Little Havana yelling Viva Fidel!

  9. K'Naan Discusses Nas' Comments About Africa And Explains Why Other Rappers Backgrounds "Can't Hold A Candle" To His | HipHop DX

    Yeah, man. I mean, I got a history that is a lot more – to put it mildly – directly impacted [by violence] than a lot of rappers. A lot of rappers that talk all that street talk can’t really hold a candle to the kind of experiences I’m talking about. And so, why then should I have been all these years kind of in the back, just watching it all unfold? And nobody really gives the kind of credit and due something like that deserves.